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Cows on farm in nature park

Cattle feed and supplements

Whether you are a dairy or beef operation, Kinburn Farm Supply LTD provides our farmers with top quality feed and supplements that meet their unique cattle needs. Contact us or stop by for a visit for more information about custom feed programs for your farm.

For dairy cattle

We offer expansive feed and supplement solutions for dairy cattle to help you boost production. Our products include:

  • Optivia adv. acidified milk replacer

  • 19% Rumimax TMR (straw) calf ration

  • Optivia express

  • 22% calf starter

  • 16% C.E. dairy ration

  • Optivia 18% heifer ration

  • Optivia 35% heifer supplement

  • 40% quota maker

  • Intensity dairy top dress

  • Intensity plus dairy top dress

  • Transition NR dry cow ration

  • Gest 8 dry cow ration

  • Ener-Plus

  • APF fat

  • Organic dairy ration

Cows drinking
Calves & Cow in Pasture

Minerals & premixes


Our farm store offers all of the essential vitamins, minerals and premixes required for optimal health.

  • Breeding vitamin/mineral pak

  • Nutri Plex dairy premix #1

  • Nutri Plex dairy premix #2

  • Optivia Plus dairy heifer minerals

  • Dry care

  • Rite-Lix 16% protein block

  • Rite-Lix mineral block


Beef cow feed

Our stock is filled with nutritious rations and supplements specifically designed for beef cattle. We offer:

  • Winning fill

  • 16% pellets (16% C.E.)

  • Beef ration

  • Pro beef cow mineral

  • Pro beef cow mineral (rum)

  • Beef feedlot mineral

  • Pro crumb beef cow supplement

Cows eating supplements
Holstein cows curious.jpeg

Other products

Kinburn Farm Supply LTD extends our product line with the following:

  • Multiple in store products for your bovine

  • Fly sprays

  • ID tags

  • Grooming

  • Health 101

Want more information about our products?

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Herd of cows grazing on a farmland

Feeds for dairy and beef cattle

Let our experienced farm team guide you to pick the ultimate fodder suitable for your cows.

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