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Whitetail Deer Buck in Texas farmland

Wildlife feed

Are you a wildlife enthusiast?

Check out our extensive section of grains and seeds for birds, deer and other wildlife.

Bird seed

Visit us for all the seeds your birds need! Mixes and straight seed available.

  • Cardinal Mix: primarily sunflower and safflower, Cardinal favorites.
    Finch Mix: consists of small sunflower chips and nyjer seed to attract Gold, Purple and House Finches, Redpolls and Pine Siskins.

  • Neat Feast: shell free seeds ideal for decks or patios that attract a variety of birds.

  • Woodpecker Mix: coarse textured blend with shelled peanuts, sunflower, pecans, cranberries to attract different woodpecker species.

  • Concerto: corn free with high percentage of black oil sunflower and sunflower chips. This seed attracts Cardinals, Finches, Grosbeaks and more.

  • Nature's Choice: blend of sunflower, peanuts hearts and cracked corn. Attracts Chickadees, Nuthatches and Finches.

  • Song Maker: sunflower, peanut hearts, white millet and cracked corn. Attracts Dark-Eyed junco, Eastern towhee, and Sparrows.

  • Straight seeds: black oil sunflower , striped sunflower, peanuts in shell and out of shell, millet.

  • Scratch Grain (corn, oats, barley) for wild turkeys.

Red Bird or Northern Cardinal Mates Perched on Holly Branches.
White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Licks Her Fawn

Deer feed

Check out our custom deer feed for your backyard friends. Ask us about our pasture seed mix specifically for attracting game animals!

  • COB (corn, oats, barley and molasses mix)

  • KFS (corn oat, wheat, alfa pellets, molasses, soymeal mix)

  • Deer pellets

  • Corn: cracked/ whole

  • Apple flavored whole corn 

  • Oats

  • Sweet licks deer blocks

  • Wet molasses

Brands we carry

Take a look at the brands we offer at our farm store and get more information about the products:

Blue Seal logo
Kingfisher on a Perch in the Rain

Wildlife nutrition

Get complete seed and feed for your birds and deer at our farm store in Kinburn.

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