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Flock of sheep grazing in a pasture

Sheep, swine, goat and llama feeds

We offer complete feeds to sheep, swine, goats and llamas. We have a feed for each life stage for each animal to ensure they get what they need to stay happy and healthy and to produce the best quality of meat or fiber. We offer organic options as well for sheep, swine and goats.


We understand every detail regarding feeds for your farm-raised pigs. Our options expand to:

  • Pig starter

  • Excel hog grower pellets

  • Hog grower mash

  • Precision pre mix

  • Pot belly pig feed

  • Organic hog grower

feeding two pigs eating
A head of sheep eating hay on an animal farm with other sheep


Kinburn Farm Supply LTD offers a wide range of nourishing feeds and supplements that cover:

  • 18% lamb starter with bov. pellets

  • 36% sheep supplement with bov. sheep mineral

  • Lam milk replacers

  • 18% lamb starter creep-texture

  • Ewe ration

  • T.M salt for sheep

  • All in one sheep mineral

  • Organic lamb starter


We offer nutrient-rich feed to help the goats grow faster and produce more milk or meat. Our products include:

  • Billy goat pellet

  • Dairy goat pellet

  • Dairy goat crumple

  • Kid starter

  • Organic goat mash

Goat eating grass
One isolated llama in the Altiplano.jpeg


Get quality llama products that improve digestive health and body conditioning. We offer:

  • Llama/alpaca pellets

  • Llama/alpaca crunch textured

a cute group of sheep on a pasture stand next to each other and look into the camera

Superior feeds and supplements

The products stocked at our farm store are designed to give first-rate results.

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