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Equine feed & essentials

We understand how important your horse’s health is to you. Our extensive line of Blue Seal products offers a balanced diet made of quality ingredients for your equine athlete or companion. Come in and browse our selection of supplements and grooming essentials!

Blue Seal extruded feed

Extruded feed is created through the process of pressure cooking and are scientifically proven to have three key nutritional benefits by;

  • reducing potentially harmful microorganisms

  • slowing the rate of feed intake

  • increasing digestibility

We carry the following extruded feeds:

  • Sentinel Performance LS

  • Sentinel Grow&Excel

  • Sentinel Senior

  • Sentinel Active Senior

  • Sentinel Safe Start (Gold)

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Blue Seal textured feed

We offer vitamin and mineral-balanced products for horses in intense training.

  • Vintage Victory

  • Vintage Sweet

  • Vintage Racer

  • Vintage Versatility

  • Dynasty XT Pro

  • Dynasty XT Show

Blue Seal pelleted feed

  • Inspire Sport

  • Inspire Marathon

  • Dynasty Pro

  • Dynasty Grow

  • Strider 

  • Carb-Guard

  • Trotter 

Learn more about our Blue Seal products by visiting the Blue Seal website.

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Sweet feeds

  • Charger

  • Rider


We carry the following replenishing boosters for horses:

  • Horse hay stretcher

  • Sunshine Plus

  • Min-a-vite (granular)

  • Min-a-vite Lite (pellets)

  • Equine Choice pre and pro biotic

  • Foal milk replacer

  • Cobalt salt blocks and licks

  • White salt blocks and licks

  • T.M salt blocks and licks

  • T. Selenium salt blocks

  • Beet pulp pellets or shreds

  • Rice bran

  • Flax seed

  • Mad Barn Products

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Grooming essentials

Our store has products that keep your horse clean.

  • Fly sprays

  • Fly and tick protection

  • First aid

  • Brushes

  • Shampoo, conditioner and detangler

  • Leather care

Brands we carry

Take a look at the brands we offer at our farm store and get more information about the products:

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