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We offer top-grade nutritious chicken feed that includes:

  • Homestead started-medicated

  • Homestead grower/finisher

  • Homestead layer mash, crumbs or pellets

  • Egg maker premix

  • Organic chick starter

  • Organic chick grower

  • Organic lay mash

  • Oyster shell

  • Lime stone/shell rock

White Chicken
Close-up of a small duck held by a hand


Kinburn Farm Supply LTD provides feed suitable for ducklings and ducks.

  • Duck starter

  • Duck grower


Our stock for turkey feeds covers the following:

  • Turkey starter – medicated

  • Turkey grower – medicated

  • Turkey finisher

  • Organic turkey starter

  • Organic turkey grower

Male wild turkey strutting
Farm chicken in a barn, eating from an automatic feeder

Other products

We offer many other products to keep your poultry birds healthy and safe. These include:

  • Multi-flock starter/ grower

  • Dewormers

  • Electrolytes

  • Heating lamps

  • Feeders and waters

  • Bedding

  • Hen houses

  • Treats

Brands we carry

Take a look at the brands we offer at our farm store and get more information about the products:

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Chickens on free range poultry farm

Feed for poultry birds

Get high-grade feeds to keep your birds in complete health.

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