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Poultry days at Kinburn Farm Supply LTD are now on. Call us today to get more details.

Nourishing poultry feed

Our poultry feed is produced by carefully selecting and blending ingredients to provide highly nutritional diets that both maintain the health of the bird and increase the quality of end results; if you are raising layer or meat birds we have a feed that will best suit your needs. We offer both conventional and organic feeds.

Stop in to check out our great selection of basic poultry needs.


We offer top-grade nutritious chicken feed that includes:

  • Homestead started-medicated

  • Homestead grower/finisher

  • Homestead layer mash, crumbs or pellets

  • Egg maker premix

  • Organic chick starter

  • Organic chick grower

  • Organic lay mash

  • Oyster shell

  • Lime stone/shell rock

Close-up of a small duck held by a hand


Kinburn Farm Supply LTD provides feed suitable for ducklings and ducks.

  • Duck starter

  • Duck grower


Our stock for turkey feeds covers the following:

  • Turkey starter – medicated

  • Turkey grower – medicated

  • Turkey finisher

  • Organic turkey starter

  • Organic turkey grower

Male wild turkey strutting
Farm chicken in a barn, eating from an automatic feeder

Other products

We offer many other products to keep your poultry birds healthy and safe. These include:

  • Multi-flock starter/ grower

  • Dewormers

  • Electrolytes

  • Heating lamps

  • Feeders and waters

  • Bedding

  • Hen houses

  • Treats

Brands we carry

Take a look at the brands we offer at our farm store and get more information about the products:

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freys hatchery logo
Chickens on free range poultry farm

Feed for poultry birds

Get high-grade feeds to keep your birds in complete health.

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