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Reliable Farming Essentials in Kinburn

Maintaining a farm might seem like an easy task, but it can turn into a catastrophe if you are not vigilant in protecting your planting areas or providing enriching food and health supplies to your livestock. At Kinburn Farm Supply LTD, we are your ideal source for quality farming essentials in Kinburn, offering an extensive range of farm maintenance solutions to keep your farm fully functioning on and off-season. Grab your phone or visit our farm store at exit 169, just off Highway 417, to pick up all the needed supplies. You’ll be greatly surprised by our current prices on feed and seed.

See what we offer

Our professionals at Kinburn Farm Supply LTD provide various farm services and supplies. We offer:

  • Soil and hay test available

  • Electric fencers & fencing supplies

  • Farm gates

  • Silage and round bale covers

  • Heavy duty tarps

  • Twine and wraps

  • Hay pro acid

  • Silage pro

  • Drain tiles and accessories

  • Livestock health supplies

  • Rubber stall mats

  • 100% hard wood pellets

  • Ideal roofing dealer

  • Chain saw oil and other

  • Cattle I.D tags

  • Feeders and waters for large and small live

  • Cereal seeds by Semican

  • Work boots and coveralls

  • Pasture seed mixes available

  • Animal bedding ( Shavings, Sawdust, Straw Boss Items)

Necessary equipment on the shelf of a store

Brands we carry

Take a look at the brands we offer at our farm store and get more information about the products:

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Have a farm?

Get all the necessary maintenance and supply products for your farming needs.

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